Spring Makeover Ideas

Spring Makeover Ideas

With spring in full bloom, we're all looking for ideas to refresh our homes and happy spaces. Whether you like to go over-the-top vibrant, or stay tranquil with little décor elements that spark joy, here are our top makeover ideas for the season.

1. Go Big On Pastels And Patterns With Rugs 

Spring is the time to say goodbye to the white-minimalist trend. And there is no better way to introduce colour and texture into a space than unfurling a rug. A soft palette, combined with mixed patterns, adds a homely, spring-like vibe to any space. Our all-new range of pastel kilims is the perfect fit here. 

If you own furniture masterpieces and don't want your rug to steal all the attention, ditch patterns and look at soft solid colours with added texture to tie the room together. Remember, you can play with textures from pebbled to flat weave cotton-wool blends or go rustic with eco-friendly jute. Check out Trampoline's gorgeous collection of rugs here. 

2. Coffee Tables: Bring The Mojo Back

If you are planning to revamp your living room but aren't sure how to, your best and safest choice would be to invest in a fantastic new coffee table. If you haven't already jumped on the trend, take a look at bone-inlay tables that add classic spring floral vibes, elegance and a timeless appeal, or explore a more modern and trendy aesthetic with marble or agate tops with wooden or metal bases. 

The best part about coffee tables is there are endless ways to style them, especially during spring! Consider adding an interesting new coffee table book, a little plant or natural toned vase for a burst of positive energy.

3. First Impressions Count: Hallway Revamp

Your hallway is the first space that greets you and your guests. If you have a tiny space, as do most of us in the UK, go for chic new wall mirrors that reflect light, adding depth and brightness. Should you have a larger hallway (lucky you!) complement that wall mirror with a console table or end table to add style and serve as a handy perch. Remember to accessorise with small figurines, baskets or plants. 


4. End Tables And Side Tables: Little Touches With Big Impact

Consider end tables or side tables as new decorative additions this Spring. Like coffee tables, they're practical choices for a room and can be styled in a variety of ways. 

And if styling looks like a lot of work to you, you could invest in a piece that's a work of art in itself. Our agate-top end tables come in various natural colours and are perfect for creating a contemporary, chic and glam look. Alternatively, go more rustic, coastal and boho with our hand carved range. Explore among floral and geometric carved patterns for a fresh new look this year.

Final Thoughts 

Spring is a great time not only to revamp your home but also to prep the space for the summer. We recommend doing away with clutter, or clusters of decorative pieces that block airflow. Go for statement pieces that speak to you and reflect your Spring personality. Happy decorating!