Thanks for your interest in working with Trampoline! We’re constantly on the lookout for passionate home décor, design and category specialists, and would be happy to hear from you. Keep an eye on our LinkedIn page for more updates on career opportunities. Till then, please read a little more about us.

About Working At Trampoline

Trampoline is a new global B2B brand, providing seamless access to premium quality, design-led home décor. We own every critical function across curation, design, sourcing, consolidation, quality control and logistics, delivering our customers a full-stack experience with ease and transparency. Trampoline exists to improve B2C brands’ sourcing and margin profiles while elevating small-batch manufacturers. We’re on a mission to optimise décor sourcing and inventory management for businesses of all scales, supporting brands in their buying and curation decisions, forecasting and working capital. 

Trampoline’s Leadership Principles are heavily inspired by our founders’ experience at Amazon and define the way we think, work, hire, and measure performance. Leaders at all levels of the organisation demonstrate distinct leadership principles in their day-to-day, while constantly striving towards getting stronger at others. They are the foundations on which we are building Trampoline and we look forward to every new hire raising the bar in their adoption and organisation-wide use. 

If you think your skills and experience can be a good match for Trampoline, and if you’d like to know more about our leadership principles, feel free to reach us on LinkedIn. We’d love to get to know you.