2024 Rug Trends

2024 Rug Trends

A rug provides comfort, insulation and protects our floors. Besides the obvious practicality and function, it plays a huge part in enhancing the overall aesthetic of any room. From minimalist and muted hues of Jute to vibrant and warm tones of traditional kilims, here are the top trends to look out for while choosing a rug in 2024.

1. Nature Inspired Colour Palette 

The love for nature-inspired tones is here to stay and keeping in trend with it are rugs in natural materials and light-pastel shades. A rug in this colour palette will be cohesive with most room designs and decor. A nature-inspired rug provides a sense of peace and tranquillity via its raw beauty and artistic weave. If one desires one can even opt for cool or warm tones woven into their rugs, giving the desired pop of colour without overpowering the simplicity and elegance of the room. Check out our collection of nature-inspired Jute rugs and natural wool rugs.

2. Multicolour Kilims 

Nothing adds character more than a rug from the other side of the world. As we get more global, vintage and timeless designs are taking centre stage, literally, in the form of bold and beautiful kilims inspired by Eastern aesthetics. With their geometric patterns, muted yet fresh colour schemes and intricate weaving across a range of materials, kilim rugs work in both minimalist and maximalist settings. They add visual interest,  and a sense of grandeur and are all the rage for 2024. See our beautiful kilim rug collections.

3. Gold Hues

What can say ‘glamour’ better than a touch of gold? Gold hues are warm, inviting and add a sense of luxury to any room. A gold-hued rug paired with neutral tones serves as an accent piece and enhances the beauty of the space. It lends modernity with a touch of subtle glam. 

4. Geometric and Abstract Patterns

Intricate motifs and geometric patterns are back and how! Offering a mix of both tradition and newness, patterned rugs are having their moment and will keep doing so for some time to come. A rug with rich geometric patterns like repeated triangles and hexagons, whether in subtle and muted pastel colour palettes, or warm and bold tones, adds depth to the area and augments the sense of spaciousness. Meanwhile, abstract patterns, asymmetrical and irregular shapes and designs can be mixed and matched to achieve a personalised and eclectic aesthetic. 

Check out our geometric and abstract pattern collection.

5. Sustainable Fabrics

As more consumers join the sustainability movement, it reflects in their choices while opting for rugs and dhurries as well. People are opting for natural, sustainably sourced and recyclable materials that have gained prominence and will continue to do so this year. Materials like jute, sisal, bamboo, wool, cork and even recycled plastic are well favoured. Eco-friendly rugs add a sense of organic serenity to the home by bringing nature inside the living space. These can be styled in many ways to complement boho, traditional or modern design themes.

Our sustainable rug collection, comprising wool, cotton and jute weave, are highly versatile in terms of colours and patterns.  

Final Thoughts

Whether we choose rugs for function, design, or both, we can't deny the power they hold in transforming a living space. We are witnessing a move towards a balance of tradition and modernity in choosing rugs. In the ever-changing world of decor, nature-inspired design, light pastel hues, and timeless and bold prints and patterns in rugs will rule the roost in 2024.