Perfect Coffee Table Guide

Perfect Coffee Table Guide

Whether you’re an avid furniture enthusiast or someone who appreciates good design, we can all agree we love coffee tables. It's the perfect companion to your couch, a statement and talking point in itself, and an accessory that transforms your living room. For the coffee aficionados out there, your search for the perfect coffee table ends here. 

In this blog, we take you through our tips and tricks on how to choose a coffee table best suited to your space. Let’s get started! 

The Art of Sizing 

A coffee table is meant to complement your living room. Sizing is important, as a table too small will go unnoticed and may be too impractical, whereas a large one may grab all the attention. Thus, the general rule of thumb is to choose a coffee table that is two-thirds in length to that of your sofa. Should you wish to place chairs around it, go for one where the table top is nearly the same size as the chair’s seat. 

Check out our Selene Coffee Table, an ideal pick for spacious living rooms. 

It’s All About The Shape 

Even if your room is emblazoned with the most unique art pieces, your coffee table should take centre stage. Coffee tables with square, rectangular, or oval shapes are classic and work best in linear rooms (whose length > breadth). For square rooms, try round and abstract-shaped tables. Explore our entire collection here.

Match the Material with Your Vibe

The material of a coffee table can make or break the look and vibe of your living room. If you’re going for a rustic feel, choose one with a natural-toned wooden top. These are diverse and can complement a whole array of decor styles including rustic, country and bohemian. And if you’re looking for something more glam, that will also make a small room look spacious, then coffee tables with agate or marble tops should be your pick. Metallic or black finishes are best suited to creating a more contemporary look and are best matched to sofas and armchairs with a similar finish to their legs. 

Check out our marble and agate top collection here. 

All In One

A perfect coffee table is one that can serve as a decorative piece while also providing some handy storage solutions. A flat top helps you display coffee table books, candles and small plants, while secret compartments and slim drawers can help stash away remotes, toys, keys and other knickknacks. Check out Freya, our wooden coffee table that’s beautiful and practical, on the inside and outside.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect coffee table can seem like a task, but it’s not if you can remember the simple tips mentioned above while shopping. It should be the standout accessory of your living room that looks pretty, fits in well and is functional. If your coffee table has all these elements, we bet it would make for a great conversation starter.