The Charm of Bone-Inlay

The Charm of Bone-Inlay

In the quest to create a space that is uniquely yours, one often rediscovers lost art forms. The time-honoured tradition of bone inlay was embraced by interior designers and enthusiasts for the same reason. Bone Inlay furniture is more than just a decorative accent, it also carries with it rich history and a heritage of producing this art form. 

What is Bone Inlay Technique?

This unique art form was introduced during the ancient European era and primarily involves embedding hand-carved pieces of bone and mother of pearl into the surface of an object to give it a rich and timeless look. It is a widespread decorative method nowadays and captures the impeccable talent of artisans.

In early days, the practice of making bone inlay furniture involved simply laying bone shards in mosaic designs, but gradually more complex geometric and floral patterns were introduced into the process. While we see bone inlay furniture gaining popularity across both, traditional and modern, home decor styles and among a growing base of customers, very few artisans still remain skilled at this art. In India, it is a skill passed down over generations and the art form exists primarily across two small villages of the country.

Steps Involved in Making Bone Inlay Furniture

The making of bone inlay furniture involves several hours of dedicated work by artisans. The first step entails creating a frame for the furniture or the decorative piece, usually made of natural wood. Next, individual pieces of bone, mother of pearl and at times metal like brass, are added to the frame wherein artisans delicately carve out handmade patterns on them. The final steps include adding resin to the furniture, sanding and polishing, to give it a smooth, shiny and well-protected finish.

Choosing Bone Inlay for a Rich, Distinctive Look

If you’re in the process of decorating your home, and are at a loss for how to make it pop, bone inlay could be a great pick. It demonstrates an exquisite taste in home decor and adds a touch of luxury that was a major highlight of palaces back in the day. Check out our Bone Inlay Collection of coffee tables, featuring geometric patterns. 

Apart from holding special value for being entirely hand-crafted and a native art form, bone Inlay furniture is also durable and relatively low maintenance. Thus, with a little bit of care, the pieces can be passed down through generations or make for great gifts within the family. Go ahead, add a piece of history to your abode along with a touch of timeless luxury and craftsmanship.